Akrapovic Racing Line, S 1000 RR 2019-


Akrapovic Racing Line Titanium, for BMW S 1000 RR 2019- (K67), racing exhaust system, stainless steel collectors, titanium muffler with carbon end cap

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The Akrapovič Racing system is designed for riders who demand maximum performance. Racing system is lighter if compared to stock exhaust system and features exceptional production quality, hi-tech materials and of course increased engine performance combined with pure racing sound output. The unique shape of the muffler, with its embossed imprint that run all the way along the exhaust and blend in seamlessly with the hand-crafted carbon fibre endcap, takes design to new levels.

- full system 4:2:1
- muffler with titanium sleeve and carbon end cap
- stainless steel collectors
- lambda plug
- without dB-killer (article code AK-V-TUV111)

Comparison to stock:

When installing the evolution system, remapping the ECU is recommended in order to prevent »check engine light« warning signal and achieve optimized performance and throttle response.

On the product image, the system is shown together with optional carbon heat shield (article code AK-P-HSB10E3). Carbon fibre muffler bracket (needed for mounting on standard subframe, if passenger footresrs are removed) is already included within the system. If the alpha Racing racing suframe is mounted we recommend our carbon muffler bracket (article code 1810B001A00).

This product does not meet emission compliance requirements for street or highway use.



- stainless steel full system 4:2:1
- muffler with titanium sleeve and carbon end cap
- lambda plugs
- carbon muffler bracket
- mounting instructions

without dB-killer

Modified vehicle parts

In case of using the alpha Racing subframe the carbon muffler bracket (1810B001A00) must be ordered separately.