Conversion kit ON/OFF switch, S 1000 RR 2019-

SKU 6131B060A00

Conversion kit ON/OFF switch, for BMW S 1000 RR 2019-, for OEM wiring loom

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  • Conversion kit to replace the ignition lock including key with a practical ON/OFF toggle switch. The safety toggle switch can be installed in the original ignition lock position, ideally using the Cover for OEM triple clamp (see Tab Accessories). The ignition key is housed in the cover of the EWS control unit and mounted in the position of the activated carbon filter, carbon filter no longer required.

    - fits plug & play to OEM wiring loom
    - Elimination of the OEM ignition lock on the upper triple clamp
    - Elimination of the activated carbon filter
    - including all necessary conversion parts

    weight: 0,095 kg
  • Delivery

  • - ON/OFF switch with wiring junction immobilizer controller
    - ON/OFF switch wiring loom
    - immobilizer controller cover with slot for key
    - Y-cable connector
    - Rubber cap including double wire clamp
  • Modified vehicle parts

  • - OEM ignition lock is not required
    - carbon filter is not required