Cover ABS/DTC modulator 2015-2018

SKU 3451A001B00

Cover ABS/DTC modulator, for BMW S 1000 RR 2015-2018, to be used when removing ABS hydraulic control unit, paper padded, aluminum anodised, with alpha Racing Logo

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This aluminium cover allows for removing the ABS hydraulic unit closing the pressure modulator which remains on the bike. There will appear a warnlight for ABS in the dash, in the ABS error memory will be stored valve errors, but without any consequence for the motorcycle and its using.

Attention: Original brake lines can not be used anymore (see Accessories).

weight: 0,02 kg

Modified vehicle parts

Please make sure to use the paper support (gasket) so that the moving coils are fixed. Otherwise, it may cause damage to the pressure modulator, which can lead to an error message in the electronics system, and on the other hand makes a refitting of the ABS system impossible.