Fairing kit 5-piece avio, S 1000 RR 2019-

SKU 4663DC11600

Fairing kit 5-piece avio fibre, for BMW S 1000 RR 2019- (K67), white primed

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Racing fairing kit avio fibre, consisting of upper part with air deflector, side panels right/left, bottom part and quick fasteners.

- easy mounting thanks to pre-drilled mounting holes
- strengthened material at the mounting holes
- white primed

Please note:
Stickers and wind screen are not included.
For mountig you will need holder kit (article code 46DA01100).
Fits to the OEM and racing dashboard & fairing carrier.

weight: 2,710 kg (kit)
- upper part 0,940 kg
- airbox inlet tube 0,110 kg
- left fairing 0,350 kg
- right fairing 0,355 kg
- lower part 0,955 kg


- upper fairing part
- airbox inlet tube
- lower fairing part
- right fairing part
- left fairing part
- quick fasteners

Modified vehicle parts

In case the alpha Racing Kit radiator is used, the fairing needs to be cutted a little bit.