Fairing kit avio epoxy 4-piece 2015-2018

SKU 4663A315C01

Fairing kit avio epoxy 4-piece white BMW S1000RR 2015-2018, consisting of: upper part with air deflector, side panels right/left, bottom part (belly pan with drain plugs), drilled and quick fasteners (pre-fitted),

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Rugged race fairing in avio epoxy (ca. 30% lighter than GRP, weight closed to carbon, price closed to GRP), very good value for money. 
Fast and easy mounting with pre-fitted quick fasteners.

Material FIM Superstock rules conform. Kit with Superstock conform shape 4663A316C01.

Weight: 2,26 kg


- upper fairing part
- lower fairing part
- right fairing part
- left fairing
- quick fasteners, pre-fitted
- plugs for bottom fairing part (rain)