Öhlins Cartridge Kit TTX25, S 1000 RR 2019-


Öhlins FKR Cartridge Kit TTX25 (FKR 122), for BMW S 1000 RR 2019- (K67)

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The FKR cartridge kit is a closed system set under pressure by a spring, which is build simpler and easier to maintain in comparison to the previous gas pressurised system. It is a compact construction and allows changes of setting easier. There isn't any risk of pressure loss and delivers a more constant performance. With TTX technology, a new developed piston and a 8mm piston rod, it was possible to reduce the inner pressure which results in a faster response. This results in a linea damping characteristic which opens more possibilities for tuning and increases traction and riding stability. FKR cartridge is less sensible for changing of shims and easier to adjust to individuel preferences.

Only for race track use!

weight: 3,940 kg


- Cartridge Kit incl. 3 sets of springs -95/110/105

Modified vehicle parts

Only for bikes without DDC.