Quick Action Fuel Cap, BMW S1000RR 2019

SKU FR670003

Fortis Racing Quick Action Fuel Cap is an innovative fast and easy system made to be locked/unlocked in the fastest way possible.

Even though developed on street bikes, with its ¼ turning system the product is studied and designed strictly for racing use and projected for racing motorcycle in order to speed up the re-fueling process.

Being highly appreciated by customers around the world the accuracy of the product keeps on being to the highest level.


The item is perfectly interchangeable with the original gas cap, and it is obviously supplied with a screw kit to easy the mounting.

Fortis Racing Quick Action Fuel cap reached a total weight reduced of approximately 70% compared to the OEM fuel cap. Due to its reduced weight it helps racing bike to cut weights and reach better performances.

In addition, the component is machined CNC made from aluminum billed and also anodized with high quality processes.