Quick release kit front axle, S 1000 RR

SKU 3142B015A00

Quick release kit front axle, for BMW S 1000 RR and HP4, for OEM front axle

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  • Quick release kit for easy installation and removal of the front axle.

    - Aluminum, anodized
    - easy assembly on OEM front axle
    - no special tools for front axle required
    - front axle can be opened with a simple ratchet (1/2 inch)
    - easy removal of the axle, the set serves as a handle
    - easy insertion of the axle thanks to the rounded head
    - additional protection of the forkleg in the event of a crash
    - racing look "EWC-Style"

    weight: 0,085 kg
  • Delivery

  • - Quick release kit
    - front axle is not included in the scope of delivery