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Rear suspension sensor

£360.00 (Inc 20% VAT)
SKU 7470HP002A00

2D rear suspension sensor, for BMW HP4 Race, Linearpotentiometer, slim body

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Linearpotentiometer slim body by 2D Datarecording.

Linear potentiometer are designed to convert linear movement into a proportional voltage output using a simple 3-wire, low current operating circuit. The slim housing is ideal for space sensitive enviroments.

- SA-LP075S-911
- Particularly developed for motorcycling simple assembly by using “Pop Joints” to suit 6 mm balls
- very good relationship between size, weight and stroke:
- very small body (d= 9.5 mm)
- small weight

weight: 0,060 kg


- rear suspension sensor
- ball joints
- mounting material