Switch unit right on throttle, M RCK 2019-

SKU 6111B050A00
Switch unit right, for assembly with E-throttle kit SBK, for M Race Calibration Kit, "Kill", "Mode", "Start" description, spare part

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  • Switch unit for the right handlebar to be mounted together with the E-throttle kit SBK (article code 6131B002A00). Only in combination with the M Race Calibration Kit by BMW Motorrad Motorsport (article Code 1361HP067A00).

    - red bi-button, KILL
    - mono button blue, MODE
    - mono button black, START
    - aluminium housing, black anodized
    - fits "plug and play" to BMW M Race Calibration Kit

    weight: 0,070 kg
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  • - complete switch unit