Tyre warmer set >TRACK< Superbike

SKU 8550-C108-T01

Tyre warmer set >TRACK< Superbike, 120/70 17 & 190-200/55 17, temperature fixed 80 °C, 220V, black

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The perfect tyre warmer for all racing tyres, fixed at 80 °C.
A built-in thermostat keeps the temperature constant.
- Complete heating of the tyres through 2-fold radial heating system.
- A wide elastic band allows the wrinkle-free fit on the tyre.
- The elastic reaches into the rim, this is heated with it.

- temperature is constant at 80 °C held
- perfect fit on the tyre
- 2-fold radial heating system per tyre warmer
- heating wires to the edge of the tyre
- fast heating
- elastic well over the rims
- specially isolated
- bag and tyre warmer with alpha racing logo
- 2 years warranty on processing or material defects

Optionally available:
- sizes available for Moto3, SSP300, Moto2, SSP600, STK1000 and SBK
- tyre warmer available in various colors
- team logo can be applied (surcharge, delivery time)
- complete set of wheel covers, e.g. for the grid


- tyre warmer front
- tyre warmer rear
- transport bag